Joint-Lecture of UT-VJU “Urban Studies in the Post-Pandemic Era” was held in late November and early December 2023.

Approximately 17 international students from UT and VJU participated in the class.

Every lecture was composed of two parts, lecture by the professors of UT and VJU and discussion and short presentation by students.


Aims and Scope

  • The lecture is held as a part of activities by International Institute for Next Urban Planning, Design and Management ( at UTokyo (UT) with Vietnam-Japan University (VJU).
  • This is an introductory lecture about possible future cities, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. It introduces and discusses about how and what cities would change after the pandemic, mainly in terms of:
  1. How has the spread of COVID-19 transformed the city, or how could it be transformed in the future?
  2. What will be the required resilience and the risk assessment of cities and/or infrastructures?
  3. How could the development of telecommuting, online, and other forms of remoteness affect not only the urban structure but also the nature of university education?
  4. How will the digital transformation of cities progress in the future?


1. The Future of Mobility after the Pandemic

November 29 10:25-12:10

[UT] Prof. FUKUDA Daisuke @ Civil

2. Traffic-related environmental emissions and its impact on cities

[Takushoku Univ.] Assoc. Prof. TAKEDA Shinichi

November 30 10:25-12:10

3. Adaptive Urban Planning and Design for Pandemic and other Global Risks

[UT] Assoc. Prof. MURAYAMA Akito @ Urban
[UT] Prof. KASUGA Ikuro @ RCAST

December 1  10:25-12:10

4. Possibility of New Technology Innovations through the Experience of COVID-19

[UT] Assist. Prof. MORIKAWA So @Civil

[UT] Vice President, Prof. ASAMI Yasushi @ Urban, and Prof. KASUGA Ikuro @ RCAST

December 1 14:55-16:30

5. Risk Assessment of Cities

[UT] Assoc. Prof. ITOI Tatsuya @ Arch.

December 4 10:25-12:10

6. Impacts of Pandemic on Cities

[UT] Assoc. Prof. OGUMA Kumiko @ Urban

December 6 10:25-12:10