“Next Generation Urban-Transport Studies Unit, the University of Tokyo” and “International Institute for Next Urban Planning, Design and Management, the University of Tokyo” are going to be offering the Summer Course for International Students: “Urban Transition: Smart City, Sensor and Beyond” online.

This is an opportunity to learn more about Japanese smart cities. If you are considering studying at the University of Tokyo or applying for the scholarship program, please join this summer course.

Eiji Hato, Course Director / Kazumasa Ozawa, Director-general


東京大学次世代都市国際連携研究機構では,東京大学次世代都市-交通デザイン研究体社会連携講座・一般財団法人計画・交通研究会と連携し、留学生のためのオンラインサマーコース「Urban Transition: Smart City and Beyond」を2021年9月15日(水)にZOOM開講します.


    コースディレクター 羽藤英二 / 東京大学次世代都市国際連携研究機構機構長 小澤一雅


Summer Course for International Students: “UrbanTransition: Smart City, Sensor and Beyond”

Metastasizing cities in the midst of crisis. The Irish Potato Famine, once called the “Great Famine,” triggered a major urban transition that divided the ages. After the Great East Japan Earthquake and COVID-19, how are Japanese cities going to change now? In our summer school, planners, engineers and researchers will give lectures on advanced practices of cities around Japan for social implementation of sensing technology and urban transition. The lectures will consist of fundamentals and applications.

We will learn about advanced sensing technologies for urban flows, from image processing and laser radar to autonomous driving. We will also hear an overview of smart cities in progress in an attractive group of cities in Japan, and learn about advanced urban management practices in various regions. We have prepared tutorials by experts in the field and keynote lectures by leading experts, as well as practical attempts at urban transition, such as the autonomous driving project and the Busta project. This is an opportunity to learn more about Japanese smart cities. We hope you will join us.


Date : Wednesday,15th September 2021, 09:00-17:30 [JST/GMT+9]

Participation Fee: Free of charge


A. Course with Certificate via Zoom [For International students]

■Participants: International students in Japan [or those who are thinking of studying in Japan]

■Capacity :  About 30 Students [a few slots for Japanese students]

If there are too many applications, we may ask some applicants to watch the lecture in “course via youtube”. Participants in “Course with Certificate” will be confirmed and notified within one week after the deadline

■Certification Requirements: Applicants are required to submit a short report [3 ppt slide or video] on smart cities based on the lecture materials by September 8. Details will be provided to applicants shortly. Applicants are also requested to make a presentation at the discussion session.

■Application Form | https://forms.gle/SGpLhGx5yZJKsART8

*Registration closes Friday, 13th August 2021 [JST/GMT+9]


B. Course via YouTube [For all participants]

■Participants: For all participants [only some lectures will be available / No certificate]

■Application Form | https://forms.gle/H4EigndhLRSMgASy8

*Registration closes Monday, 13th September 2021 [JST/GMT+9]


9:00-9:15 Introduction and Opening Remarks

Prof. Eiji HATO, the University of Tokyo

Mr. Hiroshi WATANABE, Deputy Director-General for Engineering Affairs, City Bureau, MLIT


9:15-10:30 Keynote Research Talk

1 Urban Sensing Technology and its Application

   Prof. Takashi FUSE, the University of Tokyo

2 Dublin during the Irish Potato Famine: Coping with a Crisis

   Prof. Shunsuke KATSUTA, the University of Tokyo


10:45-12:00 Leading edge of sensing technology 

Moderator: Prof. Daisuke FUKUDA, the University of Tokyo 

1 Pedestrian behavior monitoring using 3D laser radar technologies 

   Mr. Minori ORITA, Assistant Manager, Mechatronics & System Engineering G., Technology Platform Center, Technology & Intelligence Integration, IHI Corporation

2 FaceWatch Technologies for urban flow monitoring

   Mr. Akihiko ICHIKAWA Senior Manager, Cross-Industry Business Development Division, NEC

3 Fukushima Recovery Planning with Autonomous Driving

   Mr.Nobuyuki Kuge, Manager, Nissan Research Center


13:00-14:45 Development of Smart Cities

Moderator:  Assoc.Prof. Yusuke HARA, Tohoku University

1 Smart Cities in Japan

   Mr. Kazunori OSHIMA, Deputy Director, City Planning Survey and Information Office, City Bureau, MLIT

2 Kashiwanoha Smart City and New Generation Design

  Mr. Yusuke SASAKI, Project Leader, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

3 Tokyo Marunouchi / Area Management Model Approach for The Smart City

   Mr. Kazutaka KURODA Mitsubishi Estate CO., LTD.

4 From Link to Node:New Mobility and Busta change the regional transport networks

   Mr. Yohei HARADA, Planning Division, Road Bureau, MLIT

5 JR East’s Open Innovation and its Application

   Mr. Hiroshi IRIE, Technology Innovation Headquarters, East Japan Railway Company


15:00-15:40 Presentation and Discussion by Students


15:45-17:15 Keynote Lecture

1 Cities and Information”

Prof. Yasushi ASAMI, Vice-president, the University of Tokyo

2 Digital Twin and City Construction”

Mr. Masahiro INDO, Executive officer, Shimizu Corporation


17:15-17:30 Certificate Presentation

Prof. Kazumasa OZAWA, Director general, the University of Tokyo


For questions or more information, please contact at https://forms.gle/Pbr4vyRHsFQcw8wV7